Toonshade on OpenGL?

Does anybody have, or know where I can get, source code to an OpenGL ‘toonshade’ example? Or is toonshade even possible on OpenGL?

2nd demo down.


Search the internet for “Cel-shading” publications, and “Non Photorealistic Rendering” publicatoins. Cel-shading is the official name for ‘toon-rendering,’ and Non Photorealistic Rendering is the category of research it falls under.

Allright, I found what I was looking for. Special thanks to Sami “MENTAL” Hamlaoui and NeHe’s OpenGL Tutiorial #38 on Cel-Shading for that one. I was able to write my own code and get it to compile on Borland, which I guess is a good thing :slight_smile:

Two very information-packed links.

A Cel-shading tutorial went up at just a couple days ago.


I thought I metioned I saw that tutorial :\

By the way, is anyone familiar with the source code from NeHe’s Cel-Shading lesson? When I run the program and increase the outline, it only outlines the lines, and it leaves behind concavities where the points are. Is there a way to get rid of those gaps around the points, and how?