Toolkits FAQ

Hey all,

I’m putting together a OpenGL Tooklits
FAQ which will address the most common
questions asked here and also will supply
a complete list of all OpenGL 3rd party
libs / GLUT hacks.
(including upper level UI libs)

If you want stuff mentioned please send me names, url’s, project descriptions, and type of licensing for inclusion. I’d like to make
this to be as robust and accurate as possible.

Here’s a rough draft . Marcus is helping me out - much thanks Marcus. If anyone has any
links to stuff related please send them to me .


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Great initiative, I’m looking forward to the result.

What I would like to see is some sort of comparison table that indicates the various capabilities of each toolkit. Some of the things to address would be:

  • cross platform capabilities
  • multithreading capabilities
  • (automatic) support for extensions
  • single window/multi window capabilities
  • GUI capabilities (buttons, menu’s and stuff)
  • text capabilities (bitmapped, textured, 3D)
  • development state (new, old, active, dead, ancient)
  • licencing issues
  • (open) source availablility

This would help developers decide what toolkit(s) best suit their programming needs without forcing them to dive into each and every one of them.

Don’t know if such a comparison is available somewhere on the net yet…

Perhaps we can come up with some sort of questionnaire and ask the toolkit developers to supply the answers?

Just my .02


Yes JML,

That’s really what most people need, I think.