To use the mode : Game Glut

In the mode window or fullscreen, i have not problems to display my drawing.
In return in GameGlut mode (mode fullscreen for games), my scene appear on the screen two second, then the glut window close. The DOS console send me the message “glut 3.0 depreciate…”. I’m having the version 3.7 of the glut…

Could you help me… Thanks

do u have the glut3.7 headers AND libraries
for windows the latest versions here

Yes I have.
Just the mode glutGame doesn’t work. This third mode don’t need other conditions to work ? I’m just replacing the mode ‘fullscreen’ by the glutGame mode.
When I execute the application (.exe), a error appear: (version 3.0 Glut requered )…but I have the version 3.7 (loaded in the official site of OpenGL)