To learn win32 ?

I work on vc6++ and for now i use glut.
Is there real need for me to learn win32
for windows manipulations or should i stick
to glut - I 'm realy confused this time…

That depends on your learning objective—
If you only want to learn Opengl in a short term , you can ignore the win32 learning .The glut is enough .it will open window and manipulate the keyboard and mouse interative operation for you .

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I have tutorials on win32 at:

…just in case you’re interested to learn.

it’s not that hard really… .

If you want to program in windows, you should learn win32. I dont use glut too much because there isnt enough functionality for my purposes.

My advice is to stick to Glut (or use some other toolkit) if it is adequate for your purposes. I started out doing all Win32 programming by hand, and I was amazed at how much easier it was to use CPW. If you want to do serious GUI programming, I suggest using FLTK ( It has support for OpenGl and a really cool GUI designer. I just don’t need the kind of low-level control that using the Windows API provides. Just my $0.02.

One benefit of learning the Win32 api is that you gain a deeper understanding of how higher level APIs like glut and MFC are working underneath. Even if you don’t learn the Win32 API in great detail, it might be beneficial for you to at least learn enough to write a couple small apps using it.

Don’t learn win32. You should boycott programming computer graphics on windows as the *nix’s need more 3d graphics attention to explode for the x86 platform.

Learn to program GL in freeBSD! That’s l33t (just like freeBSD!)

i am not English native , so very curious at what the meaning of "Just my $0.02 " in the above post from Aaron.


I was refering to the expression “two cents worth”. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it thus:

two cents worth : an opinion offered on a topic under discussion <each speaker… is getting in his two cents worth – Dwight Macdonald>

And of course, $0.02 = 2 cents.

Just slang for opinion.

Remember for working people: time = money.

The term is sort of the joke on the time=money, that Arron has giving you 2 cents worth of his time to give you an opinion.

Based on my pay scale I have give you $0.50

Originally posted by RunningRabbit:
[b]i am not English native , so very curious at what the meaning of "Just my $0.02 " in the above post from Aaron.


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Based on my pay scale I have give you $0.50

You spent two hours on that post?

For answering guys so far I’ m under inpresion
that glut is not generaly the best solution for me to work long-term ?
You have gave me a thing or two to thyink about now considering to what I
m to switch on.
So the question that answers my problems is this:
What is most widely used win32 or CPW.
And as for CPW I have one question:
Is it based on source of glut or win32 (or probably smthng else)?
What do I do to install all of it’s libraries - I beliefe that I do not need to
install anything new to work with win32 since I work on VC++6 platform.