To anyone that coded a quake3 bsp viewer

As i understand there is a diference from the vertices that are stored in the bsp file, and the same vertices stored in the original map file!.,
For testing, i have made a simple cube, compiled it to a q3 bsp file, and extracted the vertices stored in the bsp file.
The vertices are totally diferent from the ones stored in the original map file!
Also, when i position the camera in the info_player_start position, it’s doesn’t go to the place it should. It seems that in compilation, qbsp makes some kind of transformation to the brushes…

If someone could give me the formula( if there is one ) to calculate the bsp vertices to map vertices, it would be great…


The bsp vertices are exactly the same as the map vertices (unless the map was compiled with scaling). Brushes however, are not defined by vertices in the map file. They are defined by intersecting planes. You must also remember that Quake does not use the OpenGL coordinate system. My guess is, this has something to do with the difference you are seeing.

Thnks, you have been helpful…
however, i still have one problem.
I have made some experiments with the coordinate system and i believe that the coordinate system is like this:


Is it correct?

One other thing, i see the each face points to a Vertex Array! And each face as his own plane equation, but the plane equation of a brushe, does not equal the planes that are defined in the map file. Do i have to perform any axis orientation here to ?



forget it…,
i figure it out on my own

thnks anyway,