tiled texture

How can i make texture tile in a quad. Say i’m drawing a 50X50 qaud and now i want to make tile a 128x128 resolution texture on it. Say this 128x128 texture get tiled in the quad in 10X10 fassion. I have no idea how to do it.
Any help?

Thank you

You’ll probably have better luck in the beginner forum. However, I can say this:

  • Use GL_REPEAT mode.
  • Pass texture coordinates greater than 1 or smaller than 0.

The OpenGL specification section on texturing is actually quite lucid. You can download the PDF for version 1.4 off the front page of this web site. I highly recommend it!

NOT really… you just reply me after 1 min of my posting…but i post it in the beginer forum…b4 2 hours and still it has not been replyed.

Thanks for the help.