this is dumb...

i know this is an easy fix… but ive tried everything just too fix this simple error… it never use to do this…

hwnd = CreateWindowEx(NULL,                              // The extended window style.
                        "OpenGL",     // window Class name.
                        "OpenGL Basic Window",// window name.
                        WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW | WS_VISIBLE |  // The window style.
                        WS_SYSMENU | WS_CLIPCHILDREN |      // window style.
                        WS_CLIPSIBLINGS,                    // window style.
                        100, 100,                           // window x, y coordinate.
                        640, 480,                           // window width and height.
                        NULL,                               // handle to parent window.
                        NULL,                               // menu.
                        hInstance,                          // handle to app instance.
                        NULL);                              // pointer to window creation data.

at the end where it says pointer to window creation… i keep getting this error

 C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Gl_Intro\Intro\Window.cpp In function `int WinMain(HINSTANCE__*, HINSTANCE__*, CHAR*, int)': 
178 C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Gl_Intro\Intro\Window.cpp [Warning] passing NULL used for non-pointer converting 1 of `HWND__* CreateWindowExA(DWORD, const CHAR*, const CHAR*, DWORD, int, int, int, int, HWND__*, HMENU__*, HINSTANCE__*, void*)' 

everything is linked right… its a building error
lol im pretty sure someone knows this…

First, it’s not an error, it’s a warning. Take a closer look at the message; it says [Warning].

Second, what it’s complaining about is that you’re passing NULL when the actual parameter is not a pointer type. First parameter of CreateWindowEx is a bit mask (an integer), not a pointer.

Altough, in C++, NULL is defined as 0, which is a perfectly valid integer value, there is an important conceptual difference between actually typing 0 and NULL. NULL indicates a pointer type, but the parameter isn’t a pointer type. I would guess the compiler is issuing a warning because of this to tell you that you’re using NULL for the wrong purpose. If you intend to use the integer value zero, then type 0.

He may have “treat warnings as errors” or something like that enabled. However, as stated, yes, the compiler appears to not like that a a symbol defined as a pointer is being passed in a place where an actual numeric value is desired.