Then Romans font not clear!

Romans is a font provided by Autodesk if I am not mistaken. When you scale the text to a big size, the display looks nice and ok but when you scale the text to a small size then some of the texts will be missing or not clear. When you pan the current view to a certain location, the missing texts will appear again but other existing texts are missing.

This is the way I create a new font.
font = Gdi.CreateFont( // Create The Font
0, // Height Of Font
10, // Width Of Font
0, // Angle Of Escapement
0, // Orientation Angle
Gdi.FW_BOLD, // Font Weight
false, // Italic
true, // Underline
true, // Strikeout
Gdi.ANSI_CHARSET, // Character Set Identifier
Gdi.OUT_TT_PRECIS, // Output Precision
Gdi.CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS, // Clipping Precision
Gdi.ANTIALIASED_QUALITY, // Output Quality
Gdi.FF_DONTCARE | Gdi.DEFAULT_PITCH, // Family And Pitch
“Romans”); // Font Name

Is it something to do with the Gdi.ANTIALIASED_QUALITY, or Gdi.CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS setting? I try many combination of this constants but still not able to solve my problem! Can someone show me how to solve this problem? Any help is appreciate. Thanks.

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