the use of intel's ijl jpeg library

hello :slight_smile:
i am searching for an example of loading jpeg
textures into my opengl programm. can you give me some links? that would be very fine
thx in advance!

Well, the obvious link would be .
As a sidenote, I hazard to take note that with Microsoft’s release of GDI+, Windows now has an OO-API for loading JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, X-EMF, X-WMF, and X-ICON files. It also supports saving in most of those formats as well. The class also supports arbitrary rescaling (with various filter options), making the job of making mip-maps quite trivial. Granted the GDI+ dll, (which must be shipped with your app and installed in the app directory, not the system directory), is over 1.5 MB which is considerably larger than the IJG static lib, or Intel’s solution. Just thought I’d mention it if anyone has a need for supporting many of these different formats.

Edit: Just noticed the GDI+ redistributable Microsoft has on the Platform SDK website is a debug build. Now why Microsoft wants us to redistribute a debug build of the dll with an app that uses GDI+ is beyond me. Wish they would have mentioned it was a debug build rather than me accidently discovering it in the Dependency Walker.

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