The solutions for the intersection problems of Bezier curves

Happy New Year of 2014 to Everyone,

Hello, all. I am a new member of this forum and I would like to share some information about my solutions for the intersection problems of Bezier curves. However, as I am a new guy, I was limited with the URL links in my post, so I can not post my data example and graphs of my solution here.

Actually, there are two kinds of intersection problems related with Bezier curves, one is the intersection in between two curves and the other is the self-intersection within a single piece of curve with the degree higher than 2. I guess most of people would not believe me as such kind of solutions were never seen or heard before.

Well, please take a few minutes to visit my website at and verify the data and examples that I presented there by yourselves. I guess many of you would have a different conclusion after your surfing.

Enjoy my show, please. :smiley:

Hunt Chang