The Redbook or not the Redbook?

Hi there, for someone completely new to OpenGL what would be the best book to get. I have seen the red book crop up on past posts, is this still the best option? I read a bit in the shop and it seems very readable. (Correct me if Im wrong on the next bit) However, I know OpenGL is a library not a language therefore you need to write in something else like C/C++ (are they the only choices?). My concern with the redbook (5th edition) is it seems that all the code in it is in C, isn’t C rather out of date when everyones writing in C++ now? and will it be difficult to then transfer the knowledge to C++?

sorry for the newbie questions, any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Learning it in windows,
might have to change to Linux later

First of all: OpenGL in not language-specific. For my part, I use Pascal and various .NET languages. OpenGL has an API and this API is provided as a code library. Hence, you need some sort of an import library (headers and libraries in C/C++, units in pascal) to use it.
Second: C++ is an extenion to C, so this languages are more or less the same (C++ adds classes and some other stuff). The OpenGL interface for C/C++ is written in C anyway but works perfectly with C++ as both use basically the same compiler/linker conversions (there are differences, but the principle is always the same). So you can use your redbook examples in C++ programs without modifications.
After some experience it should become clear for you :slight_smile: Personally I consider trying other languages out to be vital. You know, suddenly you understand that there are other things then C and the world starts to make sence :-/ And you start understanding the compilers and the whole low-level things more.
Have fun with GL!

Thanks for the info Zengar.

So as far as the book is concerned is:

OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 2, 5th Edition

the way to go?

is this a question of “opengl redbook or food this week?” if not then go for it. its the standard reference.

but please don’t get fooled into thinking you will only need to buy one book to learn graphics. you will encounter dozens, each detailing specific facets of graphics, and each equally important. there is no “all in one” book for learning graphics, but the redbook is perfect for learning opengl… there is nothing better. grab a copy of the opengl specification too (its free).