The Basics of the Camera

Would someone take some time and explain to me howthe camera works? I know enough to know that the camera is what we see, it is placed where we want to see…But lets say I want to program I first person environment: Would I be moving the whole world when I move (as I have heard) or just the camera?

This should really have been called “First Person Help” , but anyway… Im just curious as to the smartest approach to a first person game…

I wouldnt consider myself a newbie, so dont worry… =) I am relatively new to most of openGL though…



Hi !

You cannot move the camera in OpenGL. it is fixed at 0,0,0. When you do transformations you transform all the objects that you render after the transformation.

The gluLookAt() function is easy to use if you want to feel like you are moving the camera.

Take a look at the OpenGL faq, this explains a lot of the details.