That darn menu wont go away

how do i get the standard MacOS menu on the top of the screen to go away and do an full screen window. (overiding the menu bar), and taking any checks associated with the standard menu bar away from the program.

For OS9, try DrawSprocket
For OSX, try CGDirectDisplay (CGCaptureDisplay in particular)
For either/both, try BeginFullscreen (QuickTime)

i guess what i am asking is : i want to find a way to when i am initializing the environment (windowptr, agl…) how can i overide the menu bar… i have been using sioux from metrowerks… maybe if i do an toolbox app, i wont have to worry about the console app requiring an menu bar… heres hopin!

well i read the agl documentation (woohoo) guess i should have stayed there. said to use the AGL_OFFSCREEN in the attribs (GLint) when building an AGL context. but i keep getting an err when i try this. i have an power book g4 and when i get the agl version it says 1.1, anyone have any thoughts!!!

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