texturing & lib files

I’m programming in BC++B 6. I try to make some project in OpenGL which will run on other computer. How do I have to add lib files to my program that it would go on the other computers that doesn’t have that libs?? Now I’m adding lib files with:

#pragma comment(lib,"glaux.lib") //etc.

When I’m texturing for egzample a quad it is textured OK but when I want to see my exe file on the other computer it’s not going because of missing files.

How do I have to add them?? And where?? Do I have to add also dll’s or .h files??

If you had a missing lib it would not work at all.

#pragma is used for ‘back door’ compiler directives, basically non standard hints to the compiler to do something.

Generally to add libraries correctly you link to them and you include the header definitions.

It seems unlikely that this is adding the library, it may be the case but it’s a nasty way to go about it.

Your IDE will have project options to link to libraries/dlls and you should set things up to do so.

Other platforms will have a different setup, perhaps command line options placed in makefiles but it depends on what you mean by other platforms.

This is not an OpenGL question, it’s a basic compiler/development question so I’m closing this thread.

Please stick to OpenGL or find another forum for your question.