textures in orthoview

does anyone know how to map a texture on a quad in orthoview?

What do you mean by orthoview ?

glOrtho(0.0f,width,height,0.0f,-1.0f,1.0f);this is ortho view
and this is perspective.I know how t use textures in perspective view ,but in orthoview, when i try to map a texture to a quad the quad only appears with no texture.i don’t know what’s the problem

I was wondering if you were talking about the program OrthoView… :slight_smile:

Your problem seems very weird… Maybe you could provide us your code about setting the Orthogonal view and drawing of the quad using the texture.

i used gluperspective instead i was gonna use it anyways ,i was trying to post a panel which is at Z=0,in perspectiveview so i tried to use ortho as ortho deals with x and y only ,but i found out that i can’t use both at the same time. Thanks for yr interest.