Textures + Display Lists problem

Hello everyone,

hope you can help me out here. I am getting to
grips with OpenGL just now, and am making a
little model tank. It has some nice animations
already, and looks like it should.

However, I am now getting more ambitious, and
want to get it textured. I have tried to
encapsulate different parts (like a track
segment, which is repeated a lot), in a
display list. But I have found I cannot
change my textures while in the display list.

I am sorry if this is a dumb question, but
I will really appreciate someone who can
give me directions on this topic, and
insights in how to deal with textures / Dlists
in general. Thanks.

Hi !

A displaylist is static, once it is created you cannot change it, also notice that all OpenGL functions are not saved in the displaylist, instead they are executed immediatly.


Thanks. Then can I ask, how do you use
several different textures within a display
list? Most tutorials I have found online only
use one texture… so I am kind of working
things out the hard way at the moment.