Textures appear as if normals were inverted, yet shading is correct

ok, so everything was going good, until I updated an outer module…
then this happened:

I tried changing the display list generation code to draw textures correctly (so I could disable texturing externally), but still, nothing.

the module I updated only deals with the GUI…
it clears the depth buffer before changing the mode to ortho…

also, yes, this development of my program doesn’t use shaders as the next development will use them,
so everything is pretty much done via the CPU.

I’m doing this for compatibility with older systems, as I know a few people with 800MHz CPUs who are into 3D dev.
(don’t bite my head off for using deprecated functions plox) :stuck_out_tongue:

any idea what might be happening here??
if you need my code, I can post it. :wink:

also, it’s rendered using SDL. >_<
(the next development will use Qt so I won’t have to redo the entire context on a resize event)

anyways, thanks. :slight_smile:

just to show off that the problem is caused by the GUI,
I’ve ported a backup onto the current system:

so why does the new GUI screw up everything with the model?? >.>
anyone know??

don’t worry about the bones displayed here…
I can’t turn them off because I changed the control system in the new GUI.
(I didn’t exactly port everything)

nvm… figured it out, and applied a patch for now…

applied a depth test enabler just before drawing the model.