Texture3D and compression

I’ve made an API to visualize volumetric datas using 3D textures and viewpoint aligned slices (on an ATI radeon 64 DDR).
The render is correct but when I use the compression extension i see the volume twice !
Does anybody have any idea on a such effect ?

Could you describe this in more detail? Do you have screenshots?


Jason L. Mitchell, 3D Application Research Group Lead
ATI Research Inc.

There is a bug in our driver that causes this problem with compressed 3-D textures that use the format GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_ARB, GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_DXT3_EXT, and

This bug has been fixed and should make it into the next release stream. In the meantime, the only thing I can suggest is to use non-alpha (DXT1 RGB) compressed textures.

Thanks for pointing out the problem.