Hi!I’ve a problem with texture! I try to add a texture in my project but i have this error:

error C2664: ‘NewL’ : cannot convert parameter 3 from ‘class CSimpleCubeAppUi’ to ‘class MImageHandlerCallback &’

SimpleCube is the name of my project!

You should give more information.

Thanks for your interest…this is the code from
the class where there is the error:

void CSimpleCubeAppUi::LoadTexturesL()
// Construct the full path names for the textures
_LIT(KTex1Name, “prova.jpg” );
iTex1FullName.Append( TEXTUREPATH );
iTex1FullName.Append( KTex1Name );

// Create bitmaps for textures
iTex1 = new(ELeave) CFbsBitmap();
iTex1->Create( TSize(256,256), EColor16M );

iBmapUtil = CImageHandler::NewL( iTex1, iFs, *this );

// Set the status and start loading
iTexID     = TEX;

iBmapUtil->LoadFileL( iTex1FullName, 0 );


The error is in the 3th parameter of NewL…I copy the code from an example, but in my project don’t run!

Some help!?? please…

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