texture width/height ratio

I’ve spent most of last night trying to fix my rather simple program. I got to the point where I was creating a simple image (512x32,RGB,3 bytes/pixel) and then I was using it as a texture (gen texture, bind, tex image, etc.) to draw a rectangle. It turned out that if ratio of width/height was less than 0.5 it wouldn’t display the texture.
I know that both width and height must be powers of 2, but I didn’t know that the ratio of width and height was an issue as well. Is that really the case ? Or could it be something with my code ? I’m running Linux Debian XFree 4.2.0 with NVidia drivers on NVidia GeForce 256 2 MX 400. (I don’t know if this is an OpenGL issue or drivers issue or other). I’d appreciate if someone could share his/her experiences on the subject (is anyone else having problems like that ?).


I never heard of a limitation about texture ratio and this really worries me!

Are you sure everything is in place?

Pixelformat (in *nix I guess it is called framebuffer format) in RGBA?
Correctly declared texture?

  • Got a texture name?
  • Set up the data correctly?
  • Are you asking for trilinear filtering / mipmapped bilinear? If so, have you defined mipmaps?
  • Are you sure you declared the internal texture format correctly?
  • Texture target enabled? Current / not overriden?
  • Are you sure the texture is loaded in memory correctly?

Can you give me more infos on this? It’s quite worrying to me!

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