Texture question and sphere question...

First, I was wonding if anyone had a solutino to this. I want to have balls that are all different colors(any color of the rainbow) and then have a pattern on them. I can’t make them textured because then I would have to make that many textures. Is it possible to make part of the texture transparent so the color will show? Second is how can I make a sphere any size? Is scalling the right thing to do? I heard that it can be bad to use.

Why would you want your balls to be different colors? Sounds kind of perverted to me.

Seriously, you can use an alpha channel in your textures in order to create transparent portions of the balls. So far as setting the radius, it all depends on how you are creating the spheres. glutSolidSphere and gluSphere both let you specify a radius. If you are doing your own sphere calculations, just work the radius in there.