Texture quality

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When I use gluBuild2DMipmaps, I get too fuzzy textures. How do you control that ?

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Try building your own MIP maps.

There’s a reasonable 2 month pair of articles on this in Game Developer Magazine last month and this month. The best improvement is still not that pronounced, the build 2D mip maps is not a box filter.

You may just be seeing isotropic MIP map blurring which is by far the more serious blurring effect, so perhaps you should try anisotropic texture filtering first and see if that fixes the problem.

Yes, anisotropic filtering delivers good results.

This link may help:


dorbie, are you saying that Build2DMipmaps doesn’t use a box filter? It’s always been my experience that it does.

We also use exclusively a box filter for SGIS_generate_mipmap.

  • Matt

Thanks, nemesis, for your link ! Just one question : on geforce 2&3 boards, isn’t anisotropic filtering too slow ?

Thanks, dorbie, but what’s a box filter ? is there a link to the article you mention ? (I don’t know where to find the game developer journal).