Texture problem

Hi guys!
I’m working on a Dell X51V with chipset 2700g
I call one time the glTexImage2D function to alloc the space for a texture 1024x1024 5551. One time i heve make the texture i bind it to 4 different sourfaces and for each sourface i call the glTexSubImage2D to replace the whole texture, one texture for each sourface and all different. After that I call the glDrawElements, one for each sourface. The result is for 3 sourfaces this trick works well but for the last no, the last sourface has the same texture of the 3rd sourface like the bind was failed but i don’t get error from the glGetError function.
I have done the same test on the PC drawing 3000 sourfaces in the same way but there it seems to work well. I don’t understand where is the problem because doing only one glTexImage2D i alloc only 2Mbs.
Any hint?
Thank you

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