Texture problem on win32 PC application


I tried porting ES library to win32 PC,
but the result model has a problem with texture.

Then I rebuild the application and library from the same source code run on winCE,
its looking good.

The result in the figure below, that look dowm at a building.

Somebody can help me, why and where I need to alter, thanks a lot.


Some details would be useful, like what “ES library” you are porting, what compiler you are using, what you changed, etc.

Sorry, I forgot describing the details.
The ES library is Vincent ES and its source code from Vincent ES sourceforge.
The package include a evc4 project that sample of how to build the library.
Besides, the package have some differner platform source in the subfolder like WinCE, win, Epoc and x86,etc.
Then I imitate the evc4 example project use vc6 to build the library and dll, my application too.
But I didn’t change any code.
Thanks for your reply, any I need redescribe.


Win32 desktop is not a supported platform for this library, so you are somewhat on your own. Why don’t you just use http://sourceforge.net/projects/dgles?

  • HM

Hi HM,

Sorry, I don’t understand and confused.
If it can not support win32 desktop platform, mean that maybe has runtime error right?
But it run well and just looks like texture problem.
In addition, I detected not all 3D models has the same problem.
So I think that has way to solve the problem/bug. :frowning:

Real thanks for your reply.

  • James

I only chosen Vincent library to use, because of I hope that my application
keep use the same one source code and library run on win32 desktop and mobile.

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