Texture opengl es 2.0

I would create a texture atlas render sistem for my apllication , my problem is to size the max of width and height of the texture atlas(that is a texture) for webgl , that uses opengl es 2.0 .
There are some constraint in opengl es 2.0 for the width and height of a texture ?
and a size constraint?
and in iphone or ipad?

On the iphones and ipads textures will definitely have maximum dimension of 4096x4096 due to the hardware. However, I’m unsure if webgl will further restrict the dimensions.

AFAIK, OpenGL ES does not restrict the maximum dimensions of textures (however, it imposes a minimum of 64). It is up to the implementation and you can query it with:


According to OpenGL ES, it is a “rough estimate” (there is no proxy stuff like OpenGL to have more accurate infos), but you can be confident with it.

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