texture objects in display lists

Suppose I have a texture object filled with a bitmap.
Now I create a display list which Binds that texture and renders (e.g.) a cube with that texture mapped to it.
If I change the bitmap of the texture and execute the display list afterwards - which bitmap will the texture of the cube be? The original one or the updated?

I.e.: Are textures copied bitwise into the display list or only the reference to a texture?

If you have a glTexImage inside the display list, it’s the image at the time the display list was built. (Don’t do that, it’s OpenGL 1.0 style from times before texture objects.)
If you compiled a glBindTexture only the ID is stored and replayed on glCallList.
The texure image is whatever was last downloaded to the texture object of that ID before you use it for rendering.

Daniel, you can always test this with very few small
modifications to an existing code.

Use texture objects if you can (Bind, etc).