texture mapping

I used the SDL/linux tutorial on nehe for texture mapping, unfortunately, the program compiled successfully but the texture didn’t load. Does anyone else have the same problem, and if so how do I get around it. If not could it possibly be the image(s) I am using.

Insert in to the end of render routine something like this: GLuint err;
If is there any error it’ll be written on console.
PS: Which tutorial do you mean.

well, I don’t think gluErrorString will get SDL errors. I don’t really know, but this sounds very surprising threw my eyes…

It might sound dumb, but are you running the compiled program from the console or from Konqueror (or whatever) in X? Because if you run it from a GUI, quite often the folder it is executed in will not be correct and the program therefor cannot load the textures.

Try dropping to a console and run it instead, see if it fixes the problem.

(I have not read the NeHe tut so dont know what it is doing, but this is a common problem otherwise)

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