Texture Mapping

i have just started learning it on my own, does anyone have any good beginner tutorials on this topic?
i have heard about texture matrix but the tutorial i have ( from the Red Book) doesn’t mention it…is it for more avdanced stuff? or is it absolutely essential for doing the texture mapping?

thanks in avdance

Texture matrix is more advanced and no need to deal with it for texture mapping. Later you may wish to mess with it and see what it can do, but for learning the basics, hold off until later.

Lookup “NeHe” on google


thanks guys, i was getting confused with too much info

I got one:


hey nomad, i could not find a texture mapping one on this page.

got it thanks, sorry, silly me

For beginners, I’d HIGHLY recommend nehe.gamedev.net! That’s how I started learning. Do yourself a favor and go there now. :slight_smile: