Texture mapping. Need help

I’ve been programming for about a year now but the book I have teaches me how to texture map using generated texures. All the tutorials I have found on the net don’t help. I use C++ for most of everything ecxept graphics, thats where OpenGL comes in. All the tutorials use openGL for everything and I can’t figure out how to convert the format. Can somebody post some code so I can find out how to load a texture into my program Please!

Hi !

I am not sure what your problem is, the tutorials use OpenGL to render the 3D stuff, that’s why you use OpenGL in the first place… then they use standard C/C++ library functions and a some loader code to get the textures into memory, you can pick out the code from any texture tutorial and use it in your own code without any problems at all, if you need another image format then there are lots of libraries available for this (check out www.sourceforge.net and www.freshmeat.net),,) if you need information about image formats you can find it att www.wotsit.org

And if you have some specific texture problem that you don’t understand you can always ask questions here.

But as I said, if you can’t figure it out with one of the texture tutorials I am not sure how to help you.


The sites weren’t that helpful, but you gave me an idea and now it works thanks! :slight_smile: