Texture Mapping bitmaps

This is extremely general, but I was wondering if someone can send me to a site that has source on how to load a bitmap and map it to a cube, for example. I have the red book, but it only shows how to load an array of black or white values to a cube. I’m not using windows, so NeHe’s tutorial was pretty confusing. I’m developing under SunOS.
Any help/direction would be appreciated.


There are glut and glx ports for most of the early nehe tutorials. Just skip the windows-specific section in the tutorial and read the relevant parts. Or you can just download and study the code esp. if you’re interested in loading the bitmap yourself because the win32 tutorial uses some aux fonction. The code shouldn’t be that hard to follow and it should compile and run on SunOS although I can’t be sure.

Try to search at NeHe again. There are many tutorial conversions on distinct systems to download.

You need to look at the bottom of the nehe leson page, he has Linux/GLUT examples of his tutors.

With SunOS, bet you could download the Linux version from his site and get it to work.