texture is not resident,black screen, driver bug ?

since I’m using opengl 3.2/3.3 and use the new drivers
from nvidia I’ve got strange behavior of my graphicscard.

Some times when I start, it fails with an expection read on
some address. And sometimes, I run the program without
any exceptions but the speed is pretty slow. It does not
depend on what Im drawing. Even simple geometry like a cube
is rendered very slow. And in the most cases my program
runs without these failures but it can happen, from time to time,
that I have a black screen. So, first I thought something went wrong while coding. But it’s not only my program. I
tried two other programs that do the same like my program does. It’s ImageVis3D and Voreen. Voreen tells me, that the
texture is not resident and then I have the same problems in those other programs. The problems appear as black screen,
massivly slow downs or rendering artifacts.

Maybe a driver problem ? It’ was pretty hot here, but I doubt
that wrecked my GPU.

Windows 7 Pro x64
8800GTX Nvidia (DX 10.0)
OpenGl 3.2 and 3.3 are supported