texture formats

I can currently read in rgb, sgi, and bmp file formats for textures. Which is the best one to use in terms of speed and looks. Are there anyother formats that are better to use.

Hi !

Use the one you like best, the end result is the same for all as long as the the file format has enough color resolution.


think about if you want to use alpha values and if the file format supports it? Other than that think about if you want users to import their own textures. If so you might wnat to go with the most common. Which i would guess for windows people would be bmp.

If you’re planning on distributing your application, I would also consider if the file format is covered by any patents. This is one of the reasons why I personally go with PNG instead of Jpeg and GIF. Other than that, it has everything I need–lossless compression, alpha channel, and some other stuff that you’d be better off finding out for yourself.

If it’s not too hard for you, then I would go with PNG, though I don’t know too much about rgb, sgi, or bmp to give you any advice against using it.