texture distortion

Okay, I’m trying to make a 2D thing using OpenGL with texture-mapped polygons representing the sprites and tiles. I’ve got it working okay, but something I’ve noticed is that all the tiles which “stretch” the textures (these are iso tiles BTW) are messed up. They look different from all the other tiles, which use the same texture map. Just that one portion of the window. When I move the camera around, the tiles change back to normal as soon as they leave that area.

I’m using linearly filtered textures, gluOrtho2D and drawing everything with a z coordinate of 0.0. glTexEnvf with GL_MODULATE. What’s going on???

Sorry, should have been a little more clear. This problem is only happening in the bottom left fourth of the window. When I move the camera around via gluLookAt it stays that way…

I tried turning everything but texturing off and got the same thing.

how are u generating the texture coordinates ie are u supplying them yourself or are u using autotexcoord generation

supplying them myself. The top-left corner of the texture is mapped to the top of the tile, the top-right is mapped to the right and so on.