texture disappearing on pickup?

ooookkkk, this has to be the weirdest thing i’ve seen…

i’m implementing a routine to pick up objects and hold them. so far so good, minus one tiny problem; if you pick up objects which have a texture, they look kinda…funny…check out these pix:

no texture:
on the floor: http://virtual.ne.uiuc.edu/nick/debug20030929/notexturedown.jpg
held: http://virtual.ne.uiuc.edu/nick/debug20030929/notextureheld.jpg

with texture:
on the floor: http://virtual.ne.uiuc.edu/nick/debug20030929/texturedown.jpg
held: http://virtual.ne.uiuc.edu/nick/debug20030929/textureheld.jpg

any ideas what’s causing this?

A bug in your OpenGL state management, most likely.

Blending is being enabled when the chair is picked.

I expect you have it attached at a different place in your code when picked and the effect is blend state, blendfunction and/or alpha is therefore different when you enter the code to draw the model.

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dorbie, i don’t know how you did it, but you were right about every bit that you said…thanks