Texture coordinates interpolating

How does opengl interpolate between to vertices the tex-coordinates. Can have influence on the this method, because i don’t want to have smooth shaded. I want to get steped shading effects.

i think you mean the filtering? GL_NEAREST against GL_LINEAR for the texturefiltering (you want them look blocky)

the texcoords get interpolated linearly, as there are 3 known texcoord-sets (one at each edge) and that means they can interpolate it over a plane… linearly.
only that way exist

I generate a texTimage1d with color HSV from 0 to 180. Then i calcuate my TexCoords. When i use Filtering on an quad i want to get no smoth color distribution(GL_LINEAR). To get a few color areas between the vertices of the quad, should i use GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST?