Texture Coord Generation

Greets all!

I got a small patch with about 14 vertexes. Now, what I want to do is to generate texture coords for it so I can wrap one texture over it. Does anyone know how to do this?

Justin Eslinger

There a little page devoted to this on my website. It take you through the process of planar texture mapping:



All I got to say to you is…THANKS!!! Actually I was doing this before, but I was always unsuccessful at it. So I gave up on it. But when I saw your site I got enough motivation to try it once more. I tried and tried, still nothing. Then I tried one more thing and BOOM!!! IT WORKS!!! Thanks for putting me on track again! MAN! I feel like I’m going to bounce off the walls! I’ve been trying to do this for a week now! Thanks!!!

Justin Eslinger