Texture changes color when window resizes

Hi, This is a bizzare problem and I can’t seem to figure out why my rendering is doing this. Keep in mind I am new to OGL so this may have a simple solution.

I have a .tga image mapped on a quad, rendering is fine until I resize the window or change monitor resolutions the texture will get its RGB values randomly scaled on the whole image incorrectly. So sometimes the image is too green, or may not not enough blue, or sometimes uniformly be to dark. Strange…

Besides that all my points, trianges and colors on them appear fine, its just my texture mapping.

FYI, this is compiled and running on the Mac OS 8.6.

Any clues of why this color change?

Thanks in advance!

I think this is a bug. I get a lot of simillar problems that do not show up on win32, irix, linux etc. but on my PowerBook.

I think there are a lot of OpenGL bugs and I would love to help ATI etc with solving these but they are really slow and not soo good to communicate with us users…

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