Texture a point defined by GL_POINTS

Hello !

I am using GL_POINTS to create some dot everywhere on my screen, and now I would like to apply a texture on my points (I made them big with glSizePoint(64)

The problem is that I can’t set the mapping coordinate to this point… so I just have 1 color on my whole point…

Any idea ?

Oh my god, I don’t think that you can texture a point.

… In D3D it’s easy… I can’t beleive I can’t in OpenGL ! :frowning:

It seems that you will have to make billboarded (allways facing camera) quads to use texturing.

I see…

Is there any option to get a billboarded quad or should I always use a transformation to re-orient this quad ?

You’ll have to calculate the right transformation at each frame I’m afraid. But you can find many resources on the web about billboarding.

I found some documentation about the subject. so it is a library… But I prefer doing it by myself. Thank you for your help !

I thought you could texture map any primitive? Is this true?

I think there is an NVidia extension for this