TextOut on the buffer OpenGL

hello world!
How to use the TextOut(*) function directly on the buffer OpenGL.
I want to write accurate 2D text.

(*) TextOut(Hdc, x, y, string, lenstr)

No… you cant use it. Do google for FTGL, GLTT, wglUseFontBitmaps, wglUseFontOutlines or roll your own text rendering classes.



thanks for your answer.
but I do not want to use external libraries because I get 2D texts large and small low quality.
I want to use the TextOut function on the form after swapbuffers(hdc).
The text is written but disappears immediately with the refresh.
help me.

yooyo clearly said you cant use it. so accept it and try out some other things. besides what the heck are you talking about <2D texts large and small low quality>? FTGL can use TrueType fonts because it makes use of the FreeType2 lib.