Text rendering in 3d space


I’m sorry if this is too basic question here,I posted it in beiginners forum few days ago,but didn’t get too useful answers.
What I want to do is to draw text on streets (str. names) similar like in this attached screen shot from Google Earth

I don’t expect to get here ready source code, since I think I know how to do each thing separately.I read Nehe text tutorials but I’m still confused about rendering text in 3d space and I don’t know how to put things together to get such an effect.Main questions are:
1.Which type of font to use? (it’s bitmap or texture font?other?)
2.How to draw it(in which projection)?
3.How to render and rotate text in z axis?

Thanks a lot in advance

Solved.I found it myself,thanks anyway.
If possible please delete this thread from advanced forum