Text Input using OpenGL/GLUT and C

Okay, so I know this is going to seem simplistic, but I’ve been working with OpenGL/GLUT for about six months, and am to the point where my program needs a user interface which allows for text input (for various default parameter values for the simulations it’s running). I can’t seem to figure out how to do the equivalent of basic Java text input boxes. Right now I’m using command line options to the C program to set all the values, but I’m tiring of it quickly. Ideally, I’d like a startup screen (running in Linux) with about 10 input boxes which can take text from the user before running the graphics simulation. Any suggestions? I’ve heard of GLUI/PUI/MUI, but only just in passing, and have no idea whether they could help.

Hi !

GLUI is pretty ok, but they are all based on GLUT.

If you need lot’s of input you might consider using the GUI part of your OS, that might be a bit easier.


PUI should work fine (examples & screenshots on the page). You may also want to check out GLGooey .

Okay - so after investigation, I’ve been pointed towards GTK to run my UI. I know there are several GTK/GL ports. Has anyone here actually worked with any of them, and do you have any pointers?