TexGen for (symmetric) objects


Having a mesh (vertices/normals/triangle indices) which is symmetrical w.r.t the xy plane how do I have to define the texgen planes to generate texcoords (object space)? And how if for example my mesh represents the union of three cylinders each of them along one of the principles axis (I got distortions along the z-axis).
All I’d like to have is to define a 2d-map for the two object’s ‘sides’. Using a vertex program the normal’s z-coordinate’s sign can be used to determine the side. But then how can I compute the texcoords (with no distortions)?


Isn’t it possible with TexGen? Is it a Beginner’s question? Any comment is appreciated.


If I understand your request, you can’t do this with a planar projection, which is all texgen supports (for TGLINEAR). You’ll need texture coordinates.

You may be able to get a more aesthetically pleasing result by shearing the planar texgen, but a cylinder is not going to be forgiving.

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