Tetxure on a sphere

Hi Everybody !
I´m completely new to OpenGL.

My question is, if it´s possible to display a texture (which will be dynamic later on) on a sphere.
Behind the sphere another texture (delivered by a camera in realtime) should be displayed on a plane canvas.
The texture displayed on the sphere will be a single line which represents a path leading through the texture displayed on the canvas behind.

I know, that by displaying a texture on a sphere, the texture will appear in a different way as if I´d display it on a plane canvas, but this distortion is excactly what I´m looking for here (kind of a fisheye-effect).

I just need to know, if this is possible to realize with OpenGl or if I have to find a different solution.

Sure it can be done in OpenGL, but I am not sure to really understand the part about single line on sphere.

A picture of your idea may help :slight_smile: