Hi , I am new in this field and maybe too old for this but I try to add some 3D texture to some spheres(modeling 3D nuclei cells). When I compile my program, GL_3D_TEXTURE is not recognizeD(Undeclared identifier)…
I will try to psot a more interesting question next time…

“I will try to psot a more interesting question next time…”

why not go ahead and post an interesting question this time? if you don’t think your own question is interesting, what makes you think we will?

just curious…

ok here is the next interesting question :
Can you give me an "interesting answer ?
Jut curious…


where did you get “GL_3D_TEXTURE”?

martial, the correct token is GL_TEXTURE_3D.
If your are in windows you won’t have that token directly avaliable (windows only has headers and libs for ogl 1.1 and GL_TEXTURE_3D was added later iirc) so you will have to get the extension for it.
I recommend you to use some extension load library (GLEE, GLEW…), or, if you don’t want to use it… then take a look to this url:



P.S: Usually is easier and simpler being nice <FrozenDog> your comments were simply useless.

Oh bewdiful, thanks Toni that has put yet another tiny pin into the board for me.
I’m going rapidly insane trying to get up to speed with OpenGL, and my target is understanding 3D Textures as I have a volumetric concept I want to try.
Talk about biting off more than I can chew :slight_smile:

Still trying to figure out how widely supported hardware 3D compression is and what the actual compression format is (S3TC ??)