Testers Needed for Senior Design Project!!

Hey All -
My partners and I recently finished our senior design project for our computer graphics concentration (we are undergrad students at RPI), and we need some people to help us test it out. The focus of the project was to study communication methods in multiplayer gaming, and so we created a simple game with 5 different levels, and 3 different forms of communication. On exiting, the program generates an HTML file that we can then analyze in order to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of each of the methods. I was wondering if some of you might be willing to play through, and thus generate some data for us. We desparately need subjects. The readme file in the zip describes exactly what to do if you want to help =)

A link to the zip is:

Please check it out - I think the project came out pretty well for only one semester’s worth of work. And don’t forget to email me the HTML file after you have played through with a partner!! We need the data Thanks everyone.

-lost hope

Did anyone try it out? We really could use some help… thanks


I would love to help you out, but the download speed is horrible. 3 hours to download a 7 meg file? Sorry no can do. If you find somewhere else to distribute the file from, please let me know.

Old GLman

Hey -

Thanks for trying. Here is a link to the file on my machine:

I am suprised that the first link was slow, though – our campus network is usually very fast (maybe you just hit it at a bad time of day). Either way, the download speed should be quick. If you are still having trouble, just let me know, and I can make other arrangements. Again, thanks for trying!

-lost hope

Hey Guys -

Well, I’ve received a few emails complaining that they don’t like the inverted mouse… so, there are now two versions available. Just go to:

and grab whichever one you feel more comfortable with. Thanks for the feedback.

-lost hope