Test Out My Flight Simulator

Hey I finished my Flight Simulator. Please check it and tell me any ideas you have for it. Hope You enjoy Download it

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It ran fine on my standard computer(win98, p3 600, 128MB, TNT2m64 32MB)
Looks more like a space sim, I was expecting cool landscape engine byt any way, nice use of particles even if the base code is from NeHe. Now do something with the craft, make an asteroids game or something!


Thanx Tim. I am actually making a game with it right now. If you press m it switches modes to a plane mode

I tried out the plane mode and I have to say it doesn’t look any where near as good as the space one. The particles seem very ‘blocky’ on my system. Also you should look into loading a model plane, it is fairly easy, especialy if you use someone elses code (I don’t mean rip them off but most people will allow you to use their code) This would improve things no end.

Says ‘Initialization failed’. Windows 2000, Geforce 256, P3 600, 12.41 drivers and a kick ass dtK keyboard.

It failed to start !
GeForce256 DDR Creative (original drivers)
256 Mo RAM

Did you even test it yourself ? On which platform ?

it worked for me no probs

BX pii 300 128m AGP tnt2m64 vanta