Terrain Problem

When i render in the scene ,for example,go aheadAleftAright and so on .But after a while,the scene is dispeared .i can see just the sky texture filling in the View.Please give me a suggestion. Thanks!

You must give us WAY more details about the problem. Without any details, we can’t even guess.

When does it happen? Does it dissapear after a given time, or when you moved to a certain place, of when facing a certain direction? How does it dissapear? Does it fade away over a few seconds, or it just disappear from one frame to another? If you have more objects around the scene, do they dissapear aswell, or is it only the terrain? Does the whole terrain/all objects dissapear at the same time?

some details:
first, my scene has some objects or not
second,if no key events occur,the scene is OK.
third, if i control the keyboard to render the scene ,about after 30 to 40 hits,the scene is dispeared.if my scene has the objects,the View is filled with texture of the objects; if no objects,filled with texture of sky.
Can you give me some guess? thanks!

Still not enough detail to make a good guess. Your problem seems a little bit strange, so I don’t know where to start. Post some code if you can, it helps alot.

A wild guess:

When a navigation key is struck, the position of the eye or view is updated to a new x, y, z. Is it possible you are navigating beyound the boundaries of the scene? For example, if your scene is 300x300x300 and you x position is now 325, then there’s nothing to see?

Again this is a wild guess.


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