terrain lightmap utility?

Anyone know of any good heightmap lightmap generation tools? I’ve tried that one made by the guy who posted an article on flipcode entitled “Fast Terrain Shadows…”, but the shadows never look right. they always have holes or aren’t shaped to the terrain correctly. But does anybody have or use a good tool for this?

Try this: www.insanesoftware.de
on page “Free tools” there is lightmapping utility which I was using in past work. It was good for me…


Thanks a lot, that’s a pretty good utility. But I noticed it performs lighting based on the normal of the terrain, are there any utilities out there that perform self shadowing on the terrain? I guess that will have to be my next project if not.

These two have support for generating raycasted shadows:

L3DT, http://www.geocities.com/aaron_torpy/
Landscaper, http://www.cambrianlabs.com/mattias/Landscaper/

The second link seems to be down right now, but should hopefully come back…