TechDemo showing scene graph shadows

Hi everyone. I just wanted you to see my new demo of the algos I have been talking about on this very excellent board…

Have a look at and you will find a demo of the shadow system for automatic usage in scene graphs. The demo uses the MAC algo for shadow volume capping as well as it is prepared to use shadow image + displacement mapping for generation of the volumes…

BTW. It is still a beta :wink:


I added the source code to the demo as many people wanted to see the “automatic” stuff. The new dist also includes some improved interconnectivity calculations wich improves the speed.

Hi again :wink:

I have now updated the demo to do a better performance benchmark. If anyone is interested they could run the program and tell me what framerates you get and what kind of HW you have.

The link…

You could also email me if you are interested in the technique…


Looks nice … running at 120-140fps on a Radeon 8500 + AthlonXP 1700+.

Great. Thats what I wanted to hear! I got some feedback about FPS = 10 wich was very sad. I do get 85 HZ on my GForce 3 + PIII 600 MHZ.

All volumes are recalculated each frame…

I get around 72fps with a GeForce2MX and an Athlon @900Mhz with 256Mb RAM.

Approx 130fps with a GF3 and a pentium 2ghz. Obviously, when I full screened it I got only 38fps -

55fps : radeon8500 1.3ghz Athlon (but then again, vsync is probably on by default)

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Anyone with a GF4

Ok. I just added a softshadow demo as well with source code. Comments on performance. I know it is still slow but…

it must be cpu bound.
27fps gf2mx200 + celeron433
(8fps @ 1152x864)fill aint to good either

I’m running a Duron 1100 & GF4-4200 (not o/c)
In the default window I get 130-140 fps.
In maximised window (1152x864) I get 85 fps… Same as my monitors refresh, ie: might be the limiting factor.

Hope this helps.

Put up some new images that shows some of the improvements…

Pentium 4 2.53Ghz + Radeon 9700 Pro nothing overclocked: 130-140 fps

It’s strange that this is roughly the same as the GF3 and 2Ghz machine.

BTW, I get ~70fps fullscreen (1600x1200x32)

Update for new EXE:

window: 50fps
fullscreen: 20fps (1152x864x32)

note. This demos now seems severly CPU limited whereas the last one was fill limited.

Duron 1100
GeForce4 4200 - 64MB

I get about 190FPS with 6x FSAA enabled…

Duron 1.2GHz
Radeon 9700

I get 100-160fps normal size, 15fps at 1600x1200 (more like 1300x1200 with my start bar set up).

Geforce 4 Ti 4600 128Mb
512Mb ram
Dual 2.0Ghz P4 Zeon


I have uploaded a new softshadow demo version. I have also released the new libs used in that demo. The new libs now optimise the shadow volumes when they become static more than 10 frames so for static volumes or in scenes where the light doesn’t move the speed increase is 200 %

The case when the light moves all the time is also optimised but still rather slow because of fillrate and bandwidth limitations.

Feel fre to play with the libs and run the demos on various models. I need feedback :wink:

Thanx in advance !

/Anders Modén

I have now added a real time index creator for my shadow volumes. New demo shows both soft and sharp shadows. Source code included.

Shadows are now transferred with VAR or CVA.

/Anders (