SuSe and Mandrake

I used my program under SuSe, now I change my computer and I have installed Mandrake 7.0, my program don’t work well: the color of my application are changed. Is it depend of this changing or not ?

Please be more specific on the what the problem is. The only time I experienced a different result with the same GL code is when I was using different GL drivers for different hardware, never had differences with the same equipment.


I use the libraries includes in Mandrake 7, it may be different to the libraries of SuSe.
I have the problem with the colour of my application, can I set them ?
How can I?
I use RGBA mode.

Your libraries ( should be specific for your hardware, no matter what distribution of Linux you have. You should look for a Linux Driver from the company that makes your video card. If you can’t find one, you will have to use MesaGL which is probably installed by default with most distributions.

If your application has different colors and it has nothing to do with GL part of you program, then it is probably the window manager. Otherwise reinstall your GL drivers.


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